The highest foods contain fructose ، we all love something sweet in our diet fructose is such a simple sugar that we can easily get from natural food sources this sweet product is mostly found in fruits from fructose we also get fructose sugar that is added to food to enhance its taste it is good to some extent but should not be consumed too much so it's good to keep a distance from added fructose as opposed to natural fructose sources.

The highest foods contain fructose
The highest foods contain fructose

1- syrups
natural syrups like honey and molasses are high in fructose as they are the natural products and food sources a Garvey is another food source that is high in fructose per tablespoon a Garvey has seven point eight grams of fructose honey has eight point six grams and molasses has two point five grams

2- dried fruits
another natural food source that is high in fructose is dried fruits these can be dated raisins figs peaches apricots and prunes these are excellent sources of sugar and can be consumed in smaller proportions a cup of dates will have 32 grams raisins 43 grams while prunes 22 grams

3- salad dressings
these days ready-to-eat meals are everywhere salads are healthy options but when you load the salad with salad dressings they turn out to be high in calories and sugar content per tablespoon salad dressing can have two grams fructose

4- sources
sources are another ready-to-eat item that we use on a regular basis that also is not that good for our health some of the sources of barbecue sauce Katzen etc 1 tablespoon of sauce may contain about 2 grams of fructose

5- energy bars
energy bars are ready to eat breakfast that is very popular these days the bars include oats wheat raisins chocolate chips etc the energy bars have some kind of syrup to bind the ingredients together these can be honey agave syrup etc one bar can have 10 grams of fructose

6-  fruits
fruits are the best source of fructose among fruits some have the higher level of the sugar than others grapes are considered the most with eight grams in about 100 grams of grapes other than that there are Kiwi mangoes and cherries as well

7- cereals
cereals are another breakfast item that is also processed it has added sugar content and so the fructose level is high with one cup of breakfast cereal can have about five grams of fructose in it

8- fruit juice
fruit juice is a great way to have fructose just like natural fruits packaged fruit juice may also have added sugar content sixteen ounces of grapefruit juice can have 37 grams of fructose other fruit juices can range from 12 grams to 30 grams

9- drinks
sugary drinks are high in sugar content and are not considered a healthy option drinks like Cola have 30 grams fructose in 16 ounces others like lemon soda have 29 grams and sweet tea has 24 grams

10-  pickles
vegetables like cucumbers and gherkins are pickled to have a longer shelf-life these vegetables, in turn, have sugar content in them one cup of sliced gherkins has 13 grams of fructose.

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