Best Steps Korean to Skin Care
beauty is the newest beauty trend that has gone viral many beauty bloggers have been writing about it and social media platforms especially instagram is buzzing with ke beauty routines and its impact the Best Steps Korean to Skin Care can take care of dull skin imparting a natural and youthful glow following this beauty regime rigorously can result in flawless skin with lower chances of breakouts and or hyperpigmentation once you feel beautiful and healthy on the outside you will also feel happier on the inside thus religiously following the ten step Korean skincare routine can lead to overall wellness the Korean skincare routine focuses heavily on improving the quality of the skin rather than just applying makeup or improving the visual appeal the beauty regime involves hydrating the skin to nourish it which penetrates deeper through the layers while some of the steps from the ten step routine are repeated daily some are to be carried out just once a week identify your skin type and the goals you have in mind while following the process it will help you chart out a more personal skin care regime the following are the ten steps of the Korean skincare routine that will grant you skin perfection.

Best Steps Korean to Skin Care
Best Steps Korean to Skin Care

1- remove makeup
removing all traces of makeup is important before you begin your Korean skincare routine cleansing is carried out in two steps first using an oil-based cleanser followed by skin cleansing using a water-based cleanser to go all organic make use of sesame seed oil to remove makeup naturally

2- cleanse
follow up the first cleanse with a double cleanse using a water-based cleanser this step removes skin impurities while allowing your skin to hydrate use low pH cleansers as they will cause the least amount of damage to your skin furthermore they are suitable even for sensitive skin types

3- exfoliation
involves removal of the dead skin layer from the top surface of your skin it also dislodges any impurity stuck in the pores regular exfoliation promotes greater absorption of serums and oil and also gives your skin a younger appearance milk cleanser suits various skin types and offers gentle exfoliation

skin tone errs are effective in balancing out your skin's natural pH it evens out the skin tone and redistributes the naturally occurring body oils using a toner hydrates your skin and adds a radiant Sheen to your face

5- essence
essence boost cellular turnover to give you an even smooth and naturally glowing skin using an essence or spray mist plumps up your skin boosts collagen production and hydrates the skin layers you can pick out an essence that targets specific skin conditions that you suffer from whether it wrinkling oily skin acne etc

6- refresh
sheet masks ensure that your skin drinks ample amounts of water they are extremely portable and easy to use even in various settings think of sheet masks while traveling slap on one for 15 to 30 minutes and allow your skin to absorb all its goodness these disposable masks can also target skin problems like acne breakouts hyperpigmentation fine lines etc

7- eye cream
the skin around the eyes is the thinnest thus losing moisture quickly hence the area around the eyes is the first ones to develop fine lines and wrinkles using a light eye cream to keep the area hydrated and undo the damage caused to the skin due to aging

8- moisturize
moisturizing forms the cornerstone of all Kay beauty routines moisturizing locks in all the goodness of the lotion creams and serums that you have used however make sure that you pick out a moisturizer that is compatible with your skin type

9- SPF
normally we associate SPF and sunscreen with summer but irrespective of the season or the time of the day it is important to slather on some SPF at all times applying SPF regularly will prevent dull skin riddled with age spots or sun spots protection from the sun also protects your skin from cancer

10- night cream
using a night cream is the last step to pampering your skin it locks in the moisture and is fortified with added vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin on allowing the product to be absorbed into your skin your skin will turn more luminous using natural products will make your skin younger firmer plumper and flawless.

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