best health benefits of hazelnuts when one thinks of hazelnut the first image that is conjured in their mind says of chocolate coated hazelnuts or a jar of Nutella, however, the goodness of hazelnut is not merely limited to a companion to chocolate in fact in the ancient Greek civilization hazelnuts were considered to have magical healing powers and were widely pretty much like other nuts hazelnuts are dense and loaded with nutrients including vitamins minerals fats and proteins they are an excellent source of antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein the following are the best health benefits of hazelnuts

Best Health Benefits of Hazelnuts
Best Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

1- nutrient rich
hazelnuts are high in calories but are loaded with dietary fibers - they contain a considerable amount of folate manganese vitamin b6 potassium zinc copper and phosphate furthermore they are a source of monosaturated and poly saturated fats which includes omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids

2- maintains diabetes
research suggests that hazelnuts could help in reducing blood sugar levels oleic acid the main fatty acid present in hazelnuts has a positive effect on the person's insulin sensitivity minerals such as potassium magnesium and phosphorus are known to help prevent the onset of diabetes

3- part healthy
in general, nuts keep the heart healthy however in the case of hazelnuts the high levels of antioxidants coupled with healthy fats makes it all the more vital for the cardiovascular system studies indicate that hazelnuts could help in the reduction of LDL cholesterol

4- promotes brain health
along with nuts like for kan and walnuts hazelnuts two are considered to be food for the brain this stems from the fact that hazelnuts contain a significant number of healthy fats amino acids and proteins which help in the regular regenerative processes of the body they boost memory and brain activity and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's

5- prevents cancer
the high levels of antioxidants such as parenthesize Eden's present in hazelnuts offer anti-cancer properties the vitamin E present in hazelnuts slows down the oxidative process and promotes cell repair and maintenance manganese induces enzymes that lower cancer risks

6- aids weight loss
the wait is not just related to body image issues obesity can lead to further health complications the healthy fats and fibers present in hazelnuts make them a healthier snacking option compared to junk food

7- maintains muscular health
vitamin K magnesium and calcium are essential vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the muscular system they reduce chronic muscle pain cramps fatigue tension spasms and soreness by keeping the muscles relaxed

8- prevents anemia
hazelnuts are rich in folate a 100 gram serving of hazelnuts contributes 30% of the daily recommended value of folate is highly recommended for expecting women as it can ward off megaloblastic anemia and supports a healthy neural development of the baby

9- promote healthy skin
the vitamin E and vitamin C present in hazelnuts keep your skin healthy young and glowing these vitamins not only protect the skin but also carry out repair and maintenance operations on your skin vitamin E shields your skin from the harmful UV rays thereby preventing dark spots and skin cancer

10- strengthen bones
magnesium is responsible for absorption of calcium from the bloodstream it also regulates bone density and combats osteoporosis on the other hand manganese focuses on strengthening the skeletal structure the hazelnut contains magnesium and manganese in abundance making it a superfood for bones.

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