Best Foods for Eye Health the eye must be maintained as it is the most sensitive part of the body failing of eyesight might be a result of eye strain or aging a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of eye problems there are many organizations working all over the world to reduce the effect of eye health problems it is considered the most sensitive part so it should be nourished profoundly in the proper presence of nutrients like zinc copper vitamin e can result in a weakness of eyesight here is the list of Best Foods for Eye Health.

Best Foods for Eye Health
Best Foods for Eye Health

1- fish
fish are generally rich in omega-3 acids oily fish has the oil in their guts and tissues they can give a high level of omega-3 fatty acids in the body fishes include tuna trout mackerel sardines herring and salmon

2 nuts
nuts are rich in omega(3) fatty acids they contain a high level of vitamin B and E it can protect the eye from age-related diseases nuts include Brazil nuts peanuts walnuts and many more

3- seeds
seeds are also rich in omega-3 acids are a rich source of vitamin B this could provide us better nourishment of the eyes and protect them from minute particles most helpful seeds are hemp flax and Chia

4- citrus fruits
citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C it is an antioxidant which is recommended by our to fight against the age-related damage it is abundantly present in fruits like lemons oranges and grapefruits these are common fruits for the eyes

5- green vegetables leafy
vegetables are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein they are also a good source of vitamin C the well-known leafy greens are spinach collards and kale one can have them twice a day in their diet it can even heal the pain

6- carrots
carrots are rich in both beta-carotene and vitamin A it gives carrots it's orange color vitamin A plays a significant role in vision it is a component of rhodopsin which can help the retina to absorb the light

7- sweet potatoes
potatoes too are rich in beta-carotene it acts as an antioxidant which is rich in vitamin E various vegetable can be added with potatoes and made various dishes it is the best source of vitamin A which helps in the vision of the eyes

8- beef
beef is rich in zinc which can provide nourishment to the eye for a long term I also contain a high level of zinc in the retina beef has the highest content of zinc as compared to chicken breast and pork

9- eggs
eggs are an excellent source of CA xanthine and lutein it can reduce the risk of age-related problems it is also a rich source of vitamin C E and zinc eggs can be eaten twice a day for better productivity of the eye

10- water water is the essential nutrient needed in the body plenty of water can prevent dehydration it can reduce the symptoms of dehydration or dry eyes one must drink plenty of water throughout a day thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel and don't forget to click on bell icon to get all latest updates in the notification.

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