Best ways to get healthy hair at home

straight shiny hair never go out of style they can be worn free flowing in a number of ways today many people turn to chemical based treatment to get rid of curly and wave your hairs but after some time you will feel the side-effects of the chemicals there are various ingredients present in your home which can help you to straighten your hair naturally without damaging them these remedies should be used more than two or three days a week here is the list of top 10 natural ways to get straight hair naturally at home.

Best ways to get healthy hair at home
Best ways to get healthy hair at home

1- hot oil treatment it is the best method to keep the hair hydrated the best oil for use is coconut oil almond oil to use this remedy heat the oil apply the warm oil to your hair and massage thoroughly for about 20 minutes wash your hair and then gently comb them and allow it to dry 

2- milk milk is known for its moisturizing property which makes hair shiny and frizz free mix one tablespoon of honey and a cup of milk mash three to four strawberries with them apply this mixture to your hair wash them and let it dry 

3- Fuller's earth also known as Multani mitti it can help you get rid of frizzy hair mix one cup of the fuller earth with an egg and with two tablespoons of rice flour add enough water and apply his mixture to your hair leave it for an hour and then wash your hair with water and then spray not leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with shampoo

4- aloe vera mix for 1/2 cup of aloe gel and warm oil add 6 drops of rosemary oil and massage the mixture into your scalp leave it for 2 hours and then wash your hair 

5- coconut oil take 1 cup of coconut oil and lemon juice in a jar place the jar in the refrigerator until a creamy layer appears on the top massage your scalp and hair and leave it for some time shampoo your hair and allow them to dry 

6- for its mask mash banana and prepare together and then apply the mixture on the hair leave it until the mask is dried rinse it off and wash the hair with shampoo 

7- olive oil mash 2 bananas and 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp curd stir the mixture well apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for some time and wash the mixture with cool water 

8- apple cider vinegar dilute the vinegar with water wash your hair with shampoo pour the vinegar through washed hair and do not rinse your hair further 

9- herb treatment boil five teaspoons of rose and make a solution of it let the mixture cool down and then add vinegar to it use it as a leave-in conditioner 

10- castor oil warm the oil and massage it into your hair wrap your hair with a towel and leave it for some time wash your hair with a gentle shampoo
Top ten ways to lose weight at home quickly
top tens fast weight loss tips these days people prefer to consume junk food and processed and packaged foods as it makes their cooking easier or faster all these contribute to bad health and weight gain in some form or the other more and more people get enrolled at gyms and many other weight loss centers but with little or no success here we present to you top 10 tips for weight loss right at your home

Top ten ways to lose weight at home quickly
Top ten ways to lose weight at home quickly

1- green tea
green tea is one of the most beneficial and the easiest ways to shut the extra weight sipping green tea at least 3 times a day helps to burn out the body size and also cleanses the toxins in the body however do not add extra sugar to tea for best results green tea helps in burning the body side throughout the day.

one of the tastiest and fulfilling superfoods are the blueberries these berries contain antioxidants which make the free radicals neutral in turn making it best for weight loss the fiber and the water content help the body feel full resulting in less hunger and more weight loss.

3-flax seeds the healthy fat and fiber content makes flax seeds a good choice these seeds help in filling up the stomach size with less food and this helps in weight loss the large amounts of omega-3 fatty acid helped in burning down the fast having a spoonful of black tape with water first thing in the morning helps in curbing excess weight

4- almond almond is full of proteins fibers monounsaturated fats which help to cut down the excessive weight having a handful of almonds makes you feel full which helps in reducing the appetite almonds also has a high level of vitamin D and zinc which reduce the cravings for sweet foods

this fruit has a very high level of fat burning ability half of its fruit should be consumed before having a full meal could be lunch or dinner grapefruits keep you full nourished and healthy

6- oatmeal
an ideal breakfast for those who are not very fond of fruit is oatmeal oats contain a gluten which is very helpful in reducing abnormal levels of fat in the blood eating this for breakfast can keep you full for up to six hours

7- oranges
oranges are a powerhouse of high fiber and vitamin C helpful for weight loss vitamin C helps in promoting carnitine in the body which is very helpful for healthy weight loss nuts an orange a day keeps your weight in check

the very popular salmon fish helped in increasing the metabolism of the body which helps in reducing the threat from the body very fun salmon not only ate weight loss but also ate inflammation adiposity and many other health issues

one of the best choices one can make for weight loss is consumption of avocado this fruit helps in curbing hunger and cravings for a good number of hours avocados are rich in l-carnitine which is very helpful in metabolizing fat nuts avocado is the right choice

10-dark chocolate
all of us are aware about chocolates contributing to weight gain then there is the dark chocolate which contributes to weight loss the rich content of cocoa helps to burn the fat very fast two pieces of dark chocolate a day is enough we'll wait lon.
Best ten Household Methods to Get Healthy Teeth

Best ten Household Methods to Get Healthy Teeth
Best ten Household Methods to Get Healthy Teeth

Best ten Household Methods to Get Healthy Teeth sound teeth and gums give you a delightful grin as well as show great oral well-being and cleanliness great oral cleanliness of hurts cavities and yellow teeth and also awful Brown there are specific basic approaches to keep your teeth and gums solid and sound from adolescence to seniority here are the main 10 different ways to get solid teeth and gums 

1-oil pulling
oil pulling or oil washing is a deep-rooted rehearses utilized as a part of value later that reinforces the teeth gums and dual world counteracting - throught it helps to draw out microorganisms from the mouth keeps your gums solid and lights up your teeth all you need to do is put one tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth and tenderly wash it around for around 20 minutes and then spit it out wash your mouth out with warm water 

 turmeric contains antibacterial and mitigating properties that help to keep the gums solid and teeth free from bacterial contamination add a little water to 1/4 TSP of turmeric powder to make a paste and brush your teeth with it a couple of times each week or create a paste using one teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt and mustard oil 

3-guava leaves bright a couple of washed delicate guava leaves altogether and then spit them out you can likewise pound somewhere in the range of delicate guava leaves and utilize it as toothpaste to brush your teeth 

Lila Indian lilac or neem has antibacterial properties that help in keeping up the aural well-being by effectively crushing microorganisms that cause cavities plaque gum disease and Camillus the pound two or three neem leaves into a paste and utilize it to brush your teeth a couple of times each week 

5-green tea
with regular fluoride polyphenols and catechins in green tea can crush the microscopic organisms that lead to tooth rot depressions and gum infection they'd likewise avert terrible breath drink three cups of green tea consistently for better oral well-being drink green tea without sugar or nectar 

licorice contains licorice Sedin and licorice a flavor a which helped to kill the real microscopic organisms in charge of rotting of the tooth and gum illness the main sources of tooth loss in youngsters and grownups utilize a smidgen of dried licorice root powder to brush your teeth all the time 

basil is useful for the oral well being as well it fills in as a fantastic mouth revitalizer and oral disinfectant it can help pulverize germs and microbes in the mouth that are in charge of cavities plaque and awful breath and furthermore its astringent properties enable the gums to hold the teeth more tightly 

the antibacterial and germicide properties in peppermint additionally helped keep up oral well-being and keep your gums and teeth solid for a considerable length of time utilizing at peppermint mouthwash can significantly affect the disposal of halitosis using peppermint basic oil in a glass of water to flush your mouth can be very effective 

9-Indian gooseberry m'lord additional advances oral well-being the vitamin C and different supplements in am can help fortify the gums support connective tissue Alvey battle microscopic organisms in the mouth and anticipate to throughout and homes simply biked one to two Chris Pamela everyday 

salt can likewise help reinforce the gums and teeth it's germ-free and antibacterial properties repress the development of microscopic organisms in the mouth disintegrates one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water utilize this natively constructed mouthwash to wash your mouth in any event once every day.
Best Steps Korean to Skin Care
beauty is the newest beauty trend that has gone viral many beauty bloggers have been writing about it and social media platforms especially instagram is buzzing with ke beauty routines and its impact the Best Steps Korean to Skin Care can take care of dull skin imparting a natural and youthful glow following this beauty regime rigorously can result in flawless skin with lower chances of breakouts and or hyperpigmentation once you feel beautiful and healthy on the outside you will also feel happier on the inside thus religiously following the ten step Korean skincare routine can lead to overall wellness the Korean skincare routine focuses heavily on improving the quality of the skin rather than just applying makeup or improving the visual appeal the beauty regime involves hydrating the skin to nourish it which penetrates deeper through the layers while some of the steps from the ten step routine are repeated daily some are to be carried out just once a week identify your skin type and the goals you have in mind while following the process it will help you chart out a more personal skin care regime the following are the ten steps of the Korean skincare routine that will grant you skin perfection.

Best Steps Korean to Skin Care
Best Steps Korean to Skin Care

1- remove makeup
removing all traces of makeup is important before you begin your Korean skincare routine cleansing is carried out in two steps first using an oil-based cleanser followed by skin cleansing using a water-based cleanser to go all organic make use of sesame seed oil to remove makeup naturally

2- cleanse
follow up the first cleanse with a double cleanse using a water-based cleanser this step removes skin impurities while allowing your skin to hydrate use low pH cleansers as they will cause the least amount of damage to your skin furthermore they are suitable even for sensitive skin types

3- exfoliation
involves removal of the dead skin layer from the top surface of your skin it also dislodges any impurity stuck in the pores regular exfoliation promotes greater absorption of serums and oil and also gives your skin a younger appearance milk cleanser suits various skin types and offers gentle exfoliation

skin tone errs are effective in balancing out your skin's natural pH it evens out the skin tone and redistributes the naturally occurring body oils using a toner hydrates your skin and adds a radiant Sheen to your face

5- essence
essence boost cellular turnover to give you an even smooth and naturally glowing skin using an essence or spray mist plumps up your skin boosts collagen production and hydrates the skin layers you can pick out an essence that targets specific skin conditions that you suffer from whether it wrinkling oily skin acne etc

6- refresh
sheet masks ensure that your skin drinks ample amounts of water they are extremely portable and easy to use even in various settings think of sheet masks while traveling slap on one for 15 to 30 minutes and allow your skin to absorb all its goodness these disposable masks can also target skin problems like acne breakouts hyperpigmentation fine lines etc

7- eye cream
the skin around the eyes is the thinnest thus losing moisture quickly hence the area around the eyes is the first ones to develop fine lines and wrinkles using a light eye cream to keep the area hydrated and undo the damage caused to the skin due to aging

8- moisturize
moisturizing forms the cornerstone of all Kay beauty routines moisturizing locks in all the goodness of the lotion creams and serums that you have used however make sure that you pick out a moisturizer that is compatible with your skin type

9- SPF
normally we associate SPF and sunscreen with summer but irrespective of the season or the time of the day it is important to slather on some SPF at all times applying SPF regularly will prevent dull skin riddled with age spots or sun spots protection from the sun also protects your skin from cancer

10- night cream
using a night cream is the last step to pampering your skin it locks in the moisture and is fortified with added vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin on allowing the product to be absorbed into your skin your skin will turn more luminous using natural products will make your skin younger firmer plumper and flawless.
Best Foods for Eye Health the eye must be maintained as it is the most sensitive part of the body failing of eyesight might be a result of eye strain or aging a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of eye problems there are many organizations working all over the world to reduce the effect of eye health problems it is considered the most sensitive part so it should be nourished profoundly in the proper presence of nutrients like zinc copper vitamin e can result in a weakness of eyesight here is the list of Best Foods for Eye Health.

Best Foods for Eye Health
Best Foods for Eye Health

1- fish
fish are generally rich in omega-3 acids oily fish has the oil in their guts and tissues they can give a high level of omega-3 fatty acids in the body fishes include tuna trout mackerel sardines herring and salmon

2 nuts
nuts are rich in omega(3) fatty acids they contain a high level of vitamin B and E it can protect the eye from age-related diseases nuts include Brazil nuts peanuts walnuts and many more

3- seeds
seeds are also rich in omega-3 acids are a rich source of vitamin B this could provide us better nourishment of the eyes and protect them from minute particles most helpful seeds are hemp flax and Chia

4- citrus fruits
citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C it is an antioxidant which is recommended by our to fight against the age-related damage it is abundantly present in fruits like lemons oranges and grapefruits these are common fruits for the eyes

5- green vegetables leafy
vegetables are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein they are also a good source of vitamin C the well-known leafy greens are spinach collards and kale one can have them twice a day in their diet it can even heal the pain

6- carrots
carrots are rich in both beta-carotene and vitamin A it gives carrots it's orange color vitamin A plays a significant role in vision it is a component of rhodopsin which can help the retina to absorb the light

7- sweet potatoes
potatoes too are rich in beta-carotene it acts as an antioxidant which is rich in vitamin E various vegetable can be added with potatoes and made various dishes it is the best source of vitamin A which helps in the vision of the eyes

8- beef
beef is rich in zinc which can provide nourishment to the eye for a long term I also contain a high level of zinc in the retina beef has the highest content of zinc as compared to chicken breast and pork

9- eggs
eggs are an excellent source of CA xanthine and lutein it can reduce the risk of age-related problems it is also a rich source of vitamin C E and zinc eggs can be eaten twice a day for better productivity of the eye

10- water water is the essential nutrient needed in the body plenty of water can prevent dehydration it can reduce the symptoms of dehydration or dry eyes one must drink plenty of water throughout a day thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel and don't forget to click on bell icon to get all latest updates in the notification.
best health benefits of hazelnuts when one thinks of hazelnut the first image that is conjured in their mind says of chocolate coated hazelnuts or a jar of Nutella, however, the goodness of hazelnut is not merely limited to a companion to chocolate in fact in the ancient Greek civilization hazelnuts were considered to have magical healing powers and were widely pretty much like other nuts hazelnuts are dense and loaded with nutrients including vitamins minerals fats and proteins they are an excellent source of antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein the following are the best health benefits of hazelnuts

Best Health Benefits of Hazelnuts
Best Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

1- nutrient rich
hazelnuts are high in calories but are loaded with dietary fibers - they contain a considerable amount of folate manganese vitamin b6 potassium zinc copper and phosphate furthermore they are a source of monosaturated and poly saturated fats which includes omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids

2- maintains diabetes
research suggests that hazelnuts could help in reducing blood sugar levels oleic acid the main fatty acid present in hazelnuts has a positive effect on the person's insulin sensitivity minerals such as potassium magnesium and phosphorus are known to help prevent the onset of diabetes

3- part healthy
in general, nuts keep the heart healthy however in the case of hazelnuts the high levels of antioxidants coupled with healthy fats makes it all the more vital for the cardiovascular system studies indicate that hazelnuts could help in the reduction of LDL cholesterol

4- promotes brain health
along with nuts like for kan and walnuts hazelnuts two are considered to be food for the brain this stems from the fact that hazelnuts contain a significant number of healthy fats amino acids and proteins which help in the regular regenerative processes of the body they boost memory and brain activity and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's

5- prevents cancer
the high levels of antioxidants such as parenthesize Eden's present in hazelnuts offer anti-cancer properties the vitamin E present in hazelnuts slows down the oxidative process and promotes cell repair and maintenance manganese induces enzymes that lower cancer risks

6- aids weight loss
the wait is not just related to body image issues obesity can lead to further health complications the healthy fats and fibers present in hazelnuts make them a healthier snacking option compared to junk food

7- maintains muscular health
vitamin K magnesium and calcium are essential vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the muscular system they reduce chronic muscle pain cramps fatigue tension spasms and soreness by keeping the muscles relaxed

8- prevents anemia
hazelnuts are rich in folate a 100 gram serving of hazelnuts contributes 30% of the daily recommended value of folate is highly recommended for expecting women as it can ward off megaloblastic anemia and supports a healthy neural development of the baby

9- promote healthy skin
the vitamin E and vitamin C present in hazelnuts keep your skin healthy young and glowing these vitamins not only protect the skin but also carry out repair and maintenance operations on your skin vitamin E shields your skin from the harmful UV rays thereby preventing dark spots and skin cancer

10- strengthen bones
magnesium is responsible for absorption of calcium from the bloodstream it also regulates bone density and combats osteoporosis on the other hand manganese focuses on strengthening the skeletal structure the hazelnut contains magnesium and manganese in abundance making it a superfood for bones.
top ten best health benefits of hot plumb hog plums are the fruits from the hog plums tree and they belong to the spawn Dues genus this tree is generally found in Peru this delicious fruit comes in a variety of colors ranging from green purple orange yellow and red it has a thick leathery skin which covers the pink yellow pulp inside it has a texture similar to that of a Bacardi these fruits can be eaten raw or even as a snack you'll be surprised to know that hot plum is generally made into fresh juices or even as ice creams jams and jellies these fruits are known for its wide range of health benefits we've chopped out the top ten health benefits of the hog plum fruits and we are sure you'll be amazed by them.

Best Health Benefits of Hog Plum
Best Health Benefits of Hog Plum

1- maintains cardiovascular health
hagh plums are an excellent source of vitamin C vitamin C is an essential vitamin which acts as the natural antioxidant for your body these reduce the risk of heart disease by protecting your body from harm caused by free radicals it keeps your cartilage tendons skin and ligaments healthy by producing collagen

2- prevents anemia
hog plum is rich in iron content and it's 100 gram serving meats 15.5 to 35 percent of the daily iron requirement for the body iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin which help in the transportation of oxygen in your body you need enough iron in takes to avoid anemia the deficiency caused due to lack of iron

3- lowers cholesterol level
hog plum has excellent content of antioxidant and is quite useful for heart health it is excellent for reducing bad cholesterol level and protects against the onset of various heart-related diseases

4- helps losing weight
hog plum helps you stay fit and maintain a healthy weight these have very low-calorie content which will help you stay slim this low energy dense food helps to satisfy your hunger without overeating calories so isn't this the new way to stay healthy and slim

5- relieves constipation
hog plum proves to be an excellent fiber source fibers enhance your bowel movement and avoid the chances of constipation adding hog plum to your diet can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes

6- keeps you hydrated
hog plum has a significant amount of water content in latinamerica these fruits are eaten mostly for its hydrating property

7- maintains bone health
hog plum has a substantial supply of calcium which meets three percent of your daily calcium requirement calcium is an essential mineral which is necessary for providing bone strength nerve transmission and excellent health

8- treats infections
hog plum fruit, when crushed with lemon, is an active ingredient in the treatment of infections in children

9- enhances hair and skin health
the hog plump seat provides 31.5% of oil content which is an essential ingredient for the oil for treatment of hair and skin it also has substantially used in green fuel production

10- medicinal properties
hog plum leaves are used as a traditional medicine which is used for the treatment of diarrhea by inflammation high blood pressure and to reduce fever.